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Ford dualy v1
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Ford dualy v1

here is the ford dualy that donald koon will not release Jake Evens put a link up for it.


  • Lmao
    2015-12-15 10:56
    keep releasing them mods lol
  • Fake mod
    2015-12-15 11:13
    its a fake mod its a chicken
  • Jason
    2015-12-15 14:28
    This is a Joke its a bad file need tobe taken down its a childish game no one has no respect...
  • Hahahaha
    2015-12-15 14:43
    you guys want to holler respect, the respect issue was lost when someone thought they had the real file and automatically ran here to upload, just klike they do wit all te mods we do release, they get posted over here with no creits at all given to the real guys. so if you do not lie it go make your own.
  • Hahahaha
    2015-12-15 16:32
    make me upload something i spent money on make me do it HahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahahaHahahaha no one going to get it
  • Jake
    2015-12-15 17:51
    I did not upload this. My name was put in the credits for who knows what reason. Anyone can upload a mod with someone elses name. Complete shame
  • Jj john
    2015-12-15 18:06
    this is why great modders like Joe dont release
  • Jim


    2015-12-15 18:12
    Well any smart person would look at how many Mbs the files are and a truck like this wouldn't be 9mb. But just wait this truck will be in a mod folder near you SOON. Trust me!!!
  • Donald koon
    2015-12-15 18:31
    ok guys i was the one who uploaded the chicken ford to modhub dont message Jake Even starting crap i plan on releaseing it within the week so dont message Jake Even if everything gose to plane and he stop getting the message the sooner the ford will be out. i will even upload it to modhub
  • Jj john
    2015-12-15 18:37
    Well i stand corrected Donald great work
  • Donald koon
    2015-12-15 19:22
    here the truck http://www.mediafire.com/download/z601bf73gzopvmj/ford_dualy_everyone.zip
  • Peterpiper
    2015-12-15 21:57
    @Donald Koon, just downloaded and drove around the Hobbs Farm, love it!! Thank you for sharing and for the work that went into making this! Much appreciated and my farmer will be thankful to have a new truck to get around in.
  • Nameless
    2015-12-16 04:00
    i know it's not really joe, BUT some of us already have your db planter and cat. and one of these days i just might post it up on modhub. sometimes it actually pays to be friends with the enemies friends.
  • Jim


    2015-12-16 04:02
    Don't want them piece of shit mods anyways Joe. Wouldn't want something that you made for the life of me. Pure junk. Nice truck Donald. Thanks for sharing man.
  • Lol


    2015-12-16 04:47
    lol nameless, that's what everyone says. Pinch yourself ans wake up
  • Fake
    2015-12-16 05:35
    there is no cat or db planter. over half of joes stuff is fake photo shopped work. the rest is done by his circle of friends for him to claim as his own work. there's only one true reason joe doesn't release even half of what he has, it's because it isn't his to release. Tess from UM did the DB planter and the cat is either photo shopped or done by rafael and bbm. joe even tries to fool people by getting the blender production photo's from the makers to say he did it.
  • Lol ^
    2015-12-16 05:48
    you need to get of drugs dude lol, seriouslyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcaAfsDSu_M&index=3&list=PLPOU4Ca5PZmh62foDZpjQBMBQVkUkHqJo
  • Kp


    2015-12-16 07:15
    This needs to be scaled a little bigger. Plus It doesn't have a gooseneck. PLEASE FIX.
  • For everyone
    2015-12-16 07:23
    for the little stuck up pricks that say u wont get my mods well guess what ur time will come for some one to get ur mods and they will be on mod hub....it always happens
  • Fake
    2015-12-16 17:46
    @ LOL......the videos don't mean shit. even if they do exist as i said they aren't his work. why do you think he doesn't release? sure he hides behind the same reason everyone else does about stealing and credits being the reason but the real reason is they aren't his work to release. his but buddy's just let him take credit for there work shy of releasing them.
  • Fake
    2015-12-16 18:55
    you mad jelly man. mad jelly and thanks for the funny conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, you will never have the pleasure of using kitty or db or krause or anything else of quality. we are all so glad you suffer so much lol. i guess you support sarah palin as well lmao
  • Df


    2015-12-16 22:49
    If you people wernt idiots and actually followed Donald on Facebook or were friends he was not releasing the truck at all. It was stolen. And the Comment up there from "Donald Koon" Is a fake person... Idiots
  • Donald koon
    2015-12-17 00:21
    no i relased the truck its not stolen and if you dont bleave me message me
  • Fake
    2015-12-17 04:24
    i already have the pleasure of using kitty and db and tons of other quality mods. i play on finished windchaser as well. as has been said, it pays to be friends with your enemies friends. but why leak them when as long as i behave i keep getting the good mods.
  • Lol^^^^^^^^^
    2015-12-17 05:55
    whatever helps you sleep at night. pretty sad yo uhave to lie to make yourself feel better lol. Life must be hard for you. Afterall, they just be photoshopped bahahaahhahahahaahha. poor bastard
  • Iplay
    2016-02-03 02:45
    I would like to see that red chevrolet to be relaesed
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