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Ford F-250 1986 v1.0
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Ford F-250 1986 v1.0

this is an edit of the 1985 ford 250 that i edited to my liking.

orginal credits from fs13 Sketchup Model: CountryBoy1997
In game and scripts: ROCK1899
Beleuchtung: SVEN 777B
Sounds: rcboy121
TSM: Fixing errors from the log and file errors. i could get the credits for the fs15 one because it was uploaded by a guest.

  • Meowmix
    2016-01-25 01:45 Send message
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    Can you make a mod for me, look here https://forum.giants-software.com/viewtopic.php?f=833&t=90530 this will tell you what I am looking for, and maybe that 98 Chevy at the bottom.Thanks!
  • Keegs321
    2016-06-24 07:08 Send message
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    farm truck found.......putting into system...
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