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Ford f250 camo v2
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Ford f250 camo v2

its my edit of big country ford king ranch.

me and big country

  • Zzzzz
    2016-01-01 03:18
    nice truck, I have no issues/errors with it @ all, only thing is why no attachers on the front bumper tow bar brackets, a good place to attach a snow plow or other things to. I might edit it by adding an attacher to those brackets for my own likings/use maybe somebody will make a tow bar hitch for FS15 someday, if so a good place to attach it on this truck.
  • Jim


    2016-01-01 07:44
    No Errors?????? My log is filled with errors from this truck. Looks nice but needs the errors fixed.
  • Bob


    2016-01-05 01:57
    when I download the map and try to put it in my game it does not work at all please give me some info
  • Genik33
    2016-01-06 04:04
    test-drive FORD F250 CAMO CAR V 2.0 FarmingSimulator2015https://youtu.be/DEk8GbIEpaI
  • Rx1966
    2016-11-27 23:18
    first of let me say this: 1. i'm a Heavy MOD Tester of ALL Mods everywhere 2. i'm a FS gamer. your Ford F250 camo mod looks good in theory and pictures, but it does Not show up in mods list. know this about me- I only load Mods I need per tests, so don't tell me- its a "Mod Conflict" I have none currently in my game- but this truck
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