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Ford Kingranch v1.0
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Ford Kingranch v1.0

Massive rework of the old 2013 mod. All new model redone to be faithful to the original.
Mod has a custom interior and new modeling done by myself.
Optional support addons allow for refueling, fertilizer and seed distribution.
Has optional offroad addons (purely for cosmetics)
Completely redone textures and lighting.
Interior mirrors now work properly
HUD fully functional with backlighting, indicator lights, speedo, rpm and fuel gauges
Has a rear hitch for pulling trailers
Front and rear worklights
Fully washable

Spectral Dodger

For The Original Model Outline:
Anderson Rezende
LazyMod Studios FSD


If I missed anyone please let me know.

  • Hyco0424
    2016-07-23 22:44 Send message
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    cant get this mod to show up in my game.
  • Isaac.s
    2016-07-23 23:26 Send message
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    the wheel to axel part needs work but a great ford in a long time so thank you
  • Denis
    2016-07-23 23:34 Send message
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    Ola,Muito bom, obrigado por compartilhar!
  • Good job
    2016-07-25 00:35 Send message
    0 0
    good job, looks interesting
  • Hyco0424
    2016-08-03 15:50 Send message
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    I really wanna use this mod but i can get it to come, i have renamed and updated. Will u olz make it were i can?
  • Josh
    2016-09-16 15:14 Send message
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    I don't know what I am doing but it's not working, It wont show up in my game
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