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Ford Mustang Pack v1.0
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Ford Mustang Pack v1.0

Today there is a Modpack to download.

1x Ford Mustang GT 2016 Normal
1x Ford Mustang GT 2016 Tuning

Modell: LoeweFlamme8829
Textur: LoeweFlamme8829
Script: LoeweFlamme8829
Idee / Konzept: LoeweFlamme8829
Tester: LoeweFlamme8829
Sonstige: LoeweFlamme8829

  • Dominic
    2016-09-28 05:44
    wanna join my mod team
  • Lol


    2016-09-28 16:27
    Complete waste of a download car drives and handles good needs more top speed and interior is jacked up with gaps between the body and itself. High gloss interior makes inside view suck. Has another model set to invisible in the mustang model. I understand maybe first time building a model but wow pick a better one from sketchup and be sure to check for those types of issues before exporting from sketchup to blender. Better luck next time
  • Corey
    2016-11-25 06:39
    i want to join mod team
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