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Ford object new body
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ford object new body

i have took out the inside.. left the frame and cab..this mod shouldnt be used in fs15 do to camera being moved..this new model can be rebuilt buy someone that knows what they are doing the credits of mod have been taken out do to a junk build of mod...

GIANTS Software

  • Do you even english...
    2016-08-16 19:55
    You have the punctuation of a 2nd grader the spelling of a 3rd grader and the knowledge of a nut.
  • Vansvideos
    2016-08-16 21:51
    Thanks buddy, you dont even know how to fucking mod you deleted the fucking bed and call it a mod.
  • Dam


    2016-08-16 22:57
    good gravy all y'all do is fucking cry over a mod grow the fuck up..apparently y'all dont know how to read
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