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Ford Semi v1.0
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Ford Semi v1.0

ford semi_1
Year – 1974-79
Semi-Trailer Attacher Joints
brad ford flatbed
front and rear attacher joints
light bar
Cost: $2.00
Daily Upkeep: $25

Edit for Farming Simulator13- 70’s Ford cab: MarkusSr1 Model for 2015& Scripts: Seriousmods In Game FS 15: Seriousmods/MarkusSr1/fordguy72 Redo Texturing FS 2015: MarkusSr1 Scripting and xml changes FS 15: MarkusSr1/fordguy72 In Game & Edits: Seriousmods/MarkusSr1/fordguy72 Store Pic/Brand: MarkusSr1 Edit of smoke for exhaust: MarkusSr1 Release given to fordguy72 from: Seriousmods/MarkusSr1 Tag-axle work done by: The Exiled/GeorgiaFarmer Collisions/blender work: The Exiled Tag-Axle from mod: ih86_Anpaes new tires moh2 bradford bed moh2 light bar moh2 pintle hitch moh2.

  • Levi
    2015-11-30 22:51 Send message
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    i would like it in semi and grain truck formplease
  • Jim


    2015-11-30 23:22 Send message
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    Thanks a million. Love it
  • Danny
    2015-12-03 00:14 Send message
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    @Levi, here is a semi version from the original authors of the truck, it is the semi versionhttp://www.americanironmodding.org/t5474-ford-semi-truck-mod
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