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Ford TW Series Force II Pack v1.0
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Ford TW Series Force II Pack v1.0

This is the mid 80s version of the different Tws.
Pack includes following tractors:
Ford Tw-5
Ford Tw-10 w. twinwheels
Ford Tw-15
Ford Tw-25 w. frontlift (not working yet)
Ford Tw-35 w. twinwheels

There are some beacons that won't work. But hope you'll enjoy.

Original: Opelman
Edit: Cap

  • Punisher
    2016-01-18 07:55
    There are tires that dont match, tread patterns that are backwards.... People need to learn What "Quality Control" and "Testing" really means prior to uploading. SMH
  • Roy


    2016-01-18 16:36
    one of the tires is wrong way round and instead of the wheel going round in a circle it is all over. Three point linkage don't match. there is a drive shaft on a two wheeled drive that shouldn't be there. Orange beacons don't work and some of the headlights don't match properly they are not in line with the beam of light. Apart from that they are nice tractors i will re-download once the glitches have been fixed
  • Andre
    2016-01-19 00:21
    otimos tratores mais são lavaveis
  • Farming simulator 2015
    2016-01-19 02:23
    All the tractors show up all white for me no color what soever except the tires
  • Farming simulator 2015
    2016-01-25 15:34
    I like the mods i think that older tractors are awesome, but can someone change them so that the tractors will show up in color instead of all white.
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