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Ford Versatile 846 v1
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Ford Versatile 846 v1

Hola FS Amiogs! I put before you the old conversion Ford Versatile 846, made by Budman81. I watch vids, I leran convertsion, I fix errers, She runs great, no issues.Enjoy Amigos, Aprendo conversión mod de Vanquish081 . Él Mola. Buenas Noches.

Use Download link only, don't reupload, el enlace para descarga No permitido para Reupload.

made by: Budman81
Thanks to: GIANTS Software,FS-UK]]>

  • Bumpmystump
    2015-07-19 20:49
    Hey not a bad tractor.. with a little refining it could be cool in game. I know it was made for earlier versions of the game.. but someone should take some time and redo it for 15 with greater detail.. would be great then ! Thanx for converting! Now if someone would convert the Piston Bully they had for 13 that would be great !
  • Gator
    2015-07-20 23:03
    Not a bad mod ! It does need more work but is ok .You could convert the Holmer potato harvester would be super .Keep up the good work .
  • Grey
    2015-07-21 22:52
    Love Versatile , especially in Ford Blue. Only issue I have is the hydraulic lifting/lowering sound never stops when something is attached.now, if we could get some Steigers up in here, we'll have ourselves a party!
  • Superpuppy
    2015-07-24 13:52
    ;-) request received,
  • Tim121672
    2016-10-07 20:28
    nice mod but needs some work, in game it works as it should , I am talking about making it more up to date. I love this tractor and use it in game a lot just wish it was a little more realistic. keep up the good work
  • Broaders
    2017-03-01 15:58
    hay could you make one for 2017 love the tractor
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