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Forest Island - Norway v1.0
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Forest Island - Norway v1.0

This map is based on the original Bjornholm map, and this is my first map mod (!)

* The main purpose on this map is forestry / logging.
* There is 1 field thats possible to grow on. (you have to remove the trees first)

If you have any questions regarding the map, errors or other important information you can send me an e-mail: [email protected]
Have fun! :)

Credit to the stuff i have downloaded and used on the map:
Lumberyard crane
Road Construction Kit Version 3 by Fatian And Larsen & Larsen Modding
Road Barrier Limit V 1.0
Cargo Ship Uploaded by Joa
BillBoard mod V 1.0 by ReFFarmer

And a HUGE thanks to "Hoot" and "JDMFARMS" @ FS-UK forum!! Without your help this map would never been possible to complete.

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