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Forstmap v2.1
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Forstmap v2.1

Hello Forestry fans,
There is a new update of Forstmap V 2.0

What has changed:
It was a new sawmill Marhu inserted
The forest has been increased
Start New Vehicles
Inserted a hardware store of Marhu
You possess all fields

A thank goes to Písty for release and thanks to Marhu for the sawmill and construction market.
Enjoy playing on the Forstmap v 2.0


  • Fs modder
    2015-08-16 15:50
    hey photos are false i dont have building on s├Ągewerk
  • Mick
    2015-08-16 17:17
    FS MODDER yes, that's true... last wersion sagewerk dont's work...
  • Fs modder
    2015-08-16 18:29
    Mick can you do it better or can you remake this map ??
  • Mick
    2015-08-17 11:54
    No I cant because I have a intel grafik cards and this map does not open in GE... I wanted remake this map....
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