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Fortschritt HW80 mit Ackerbereifung v1.2
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Fortschritt HW80 mit Ackerbereifung v1.2

for all nostalgics I've got something for you!

This is a HW 80 with arable tires (balloon tires) in various designs.

5 tons
10 tons
15 tons
10 tonnes Plane
15 tonnes Plane

Add to this the all the LS have installed 15 particleSystem and are washable.
And as a small highlight, I have all not yet been approved, the you do then already even after you have bought the right.
Have fun wish Hewaaa

My Rules:
1. I will never be a release for the mods, even if
you write me a message where it says "I will not take the answer
for a YES! "
2. It is forbidden even to build in parts of my mods in other mods and to make available for DL available!
3. It is forbidden to the mods individually hypocritical on any
Load forums again high, even if one has to register there to
to get a download!

Modell: Hewaaa
Textur: Hewaaa
Ingame: Hewaaa

  • Shany
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    Zitat:4. I alone decide when and where my works are available for download and I hereby prohibit any distribution via modhub.us!
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