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Fortschritt ZT 403 v1.0
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Fortschritt ZT 403 v1.0

Hello Freubde the Osttechnik.
Have again a little rum tinkered and that's the result.
A niegelnagelneuer ZT 403 from the house Schönebeck in cooperation with the GTSchmiede.
What has that others do not have.
So 180 PS / HP under the hood
Rear tire from K 700
New Vorderadfelge
New 6-cylinder diesel engine
Auxiliary tank on the left side
extended frame
This variant was constructed by order of the LPG Zingst in 80 ziger years in the ZT forging Schönebeck.
Other workshops followed and called their types 313
There are very few copies were built, with the one wanted to bypass the PS dictates of Russians.
So now I'll leave you with the thing alone and hope that you have so much fun.
Eigendlich Ludmilla Power should here make the sound, but he is not ready and before the box anrostet me here, I'll kill you with my own sound on the market.


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