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Free Stallscheune v1.0
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Free Stallscheune v1.0

Today, AtomikModding Presents the placeable “Free Stall Barn”. Here are the specs.
Placeable Free Stall Barn
Price: $118,963
Daily Upkeep: $100

Serious Mods/ Atomik Modding

  • Atomikmodding
    2016-05-22 20:35
    Credit is not given to Serious Mods for making and allowing us to make it Place-able. Please stop uploading our work without talking to us first. We do not want to claim something as ours when its really not. We just got permission to make it place-able.
  • Thefarmingmaster
    2016-05-22 20:50
    How do you put animals in it?
  • Assholes
    2016-05-22 21:11
    Everyone at modhub is just a bunch of scumbags
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