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Freightliner Cabover V1
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Freightliner Cabover V1

Freightliner cabover.
Full interior
AO Baked


  • User
    2016-10-10 19:36 Send message
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    Hey James, brilliant truck, I love me a good ol' cabover. One thing I might ask, if I may, is could you remove, or make invisible the bar in the back for the air hoses and such. I think this would be the perfect truck to have as an AR frame truck. If not, that's cool. Great mod for sure.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-10-11 00:48 Send message
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    sweet truck I dig baked textures, any chance for a modhub link for this, Adf.ly is not a trustworthy site (in my opinion/experiences, I got too much adware/malware/virus's from mods there before) so please post a modhub link or a drop box link thanks
  • Chance
    2016-12-07 16:19 Send message
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    This is a scam and carries viruses! Don't try to download it!
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