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Freightliner pack v1
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Freightliner pack v1

Public version with poor textures since that's all this community deserves. Please keep my link if you ever want me to upload anything ever again. Also Thomas don't even think about adding a Modhub link.

Bcbuhler Farms

  •  bcbuhler eats weenies
    2016-04-10 18:46 Send message
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    people like u r the reason good modders keep there shit private an ii dont blame em
  • Butthur
    2016-04-10 20:11 Send message
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    Lol, Someone is upset. Great looking truck, keep it up!
  • Bcbuhler
    2016-04-10 23:03 Send message
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    There I added a pic comparing my private version with the released version.
  • Bcbuhler
    2016-04-10 23:44 Send message
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    Hey good for you you've managed to use the same comeback a few times maybe try some new material that someone with an IQ over 15 came up with.
  • @ who ever
    2016-04-10 23:46 Send message
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    who is the real owner of this mod so i can credit the right person i will make it look pretty once its done
  • Bcbuhler
    2016-04-10 23:48 Send message
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    I made it and posted it here since it would end up here anyway.
  • Bcbuhler
    2016-04-11 00:28 Send message
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    Hey nobody's forcing you to read what I post if you don't like it don't look at it.
  • Jim


    2016-04-11 14:32 Send message
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  • Danel
    2016-04-12 04:32 Send message
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    I hardly ever get trucks off here but I don"t like the "what this community deserves" garbage can statement.
  • Brendan
    2016-04-12 16:55 Send message
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    Hey could you make this a modhub download ling please? I can't get the link to work.
  • Jdboy is a molester
    2016-04-13 02:03 Send message
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    Looks like jdboy likes to tongue punch bsbuhler's fartbox. Better rinse with listerine before you post here again
  • Kp


    2016-04-13 05:56 Send message
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    Why must you released the not as detailed ones?
  • Bcbuhler
    2016-04-13 07:04 Send message
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    Hey because I released the non AO'ed version I know a few people have learned to bake textures and as we all know it's better to teach a man to fish than to give a man a fish.
  • Rjg


    2016-04-13 14:09 Send message
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    Why is the modding world of fs15 so harsh? Its a game and its a great game especially when you get to try all the various mods people create. I just don't understand why it seems modders are at war and are reluctant to share. Please people have fun, share and enjoy no need for all this hostility i just don't get it. The world is messed up enough games should be a safe zone I'm just baffled its just wrong.
  • Arthur from youtube
    2016-04-15 04:07 Send message
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    Was gonna add this to my Youtube farm, but after reading the uploader's comments I won't touch this thing or any of the other mods this guy has made with with a ten foot pole. Not even sure why he would bother posting this with that attitude.
  • Waitnsee
    2016-04-15 06:46 Send message
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    We have fixed your crap, tweaked it, rocked it, and we will release it soon, now it's worth more than it ever was as your mod, now it belongs to the community fully working better than you could ever imagine.
  • Tex57
    2016-04-20 04:56 Send message
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    @ROBIN HOOD MODDINGI'm not going to use language here that all these 12 year old kids are not going to understand, so I'll keep it simple, I'd love to see you make a model, texture it, UV map it, in-game and script it. Then we will see who has the better mod, there is going to be a fat chance that BCBUHLER will rise to the top. Better yet, why don't you post some screenshots of your work....What's that, you don't have any work? that's what I thought. This conversation is over.
  • John
    2016-04-23 17:12 Send message
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    they work great and great looking trucks
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