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Friesland v1.2
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Friesland v1.2

Hello all,
Here i present to everyone the Friesland map.
The map is build with photos i found on google and i used google earth.
The map is very good to play multiplayer, also a nice map for single player.
I hope you all will enjoy the map.

Follow us;
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LSNextGeneation/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/LS-NextGeneration/402703896571764
for Dutch support: www.ls-nextgeneration.com

ChangeLog v1.2:
-Changed Textures, Manure, Lime, Barley, Wheat and Canola
-Cows Are now outside
-Resolveds 2 bugs,
1 Grass issue
2 Removed Compost area
-Placed Seeds and fetilizer on the farm
-Added Trafic and pedestrians
-Added Some trees
-Added Feed storage and Mixstation
-New PDA Map

What can you find in the map;
- 3 Farms.
- Storage for your crops.
- Pigs.
- Calves.
- Biogass.
- Country Trade for sell your crops, Milk, Pigs, Calves. And you can buy Lime, Seeds and Fertilizer.
- Vehicle Shop.
- Jumbo store to sell, potatos, sugarbeets, Wool and Eggs
- 4 little areas for Forestry.
- Sawmill to sell your trees.
- 2 banks.
- Contractor

Required mods;
AnimationMapTrigger; http: //vertexdezign....ationmaptrigger
GuelleMistKalkModPack_LS15; http://marhu.net/php...hp?f=141&t=1058
ChoppedStraw V 15.0.03; http: //www.modhoster...choppedstraw--2
Zunhammer water and milk tank. http://marhu.net/php...hp?f=137&t=1400
JoskinBetimaxRDS 7500 v3.1; http://marhu.net/php...hp?f=137&t=1157
MapDoorTrigger: http://www.file-upload.net/download-10044430/MapDoorTrigger.zip.html
I want to say Thanks to all modders, i used objects from and i use from buildings.
I hope i did not forget anybody otherwise i still want to say Thanks: because i'd appriate the work.
you can not change / edit the map, without the consent of the modders to find are not changed at FH modding and not re-uploaded!
The map can be release on other sites, but please only download using the original - Links!
The card may not be found without the consent of the modders are not changed for FH Modding and are not uploaded again!
The card can solve on other sites, but please only with the original download - Links!

Map by: Mike
Road Kit 3 by Fatian
Fermenter FürBiogasanlage V 1.0 By NKB-Modding: Konvert: xXMalleXx
Landhandel: Eifok
WaterMod v3.1.5; Marhu
webalizer: ChopperStraw
GMK Mod lappyBauer
GuelleMistKalkModPack_LS15; Mannie313, Marhu, grazy
Alternative MastGebäude: dtmaster, Marhu
Digitale Anzeige: Urmodder:Blacky_BPG
LS15: Nils23
Numbershader: Giants/weisser
Anpassung: Giants/weisser
Holz Textur (Vorschlag): lappyBauer/dtmaster
Texturen Gülle Mist Kalk V 1.0: Geneborg

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