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Frontgewichte v1.0
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Frontgewichte v1.0

Moin LS community,
I have the weight of pack, which was also in LS13, finally can get ready for you.
What is different: In the 13er pack, there was 4 weights in the new 3rd only (for now)
But it is one which you can aufballastieren of 800kg (basic weight) on 1500th
This goes with the y buttons Add and Remove to x
Who can use it may like to strike, who does not just not ^^
I ask that that package is not changed or re-uploaded!
About constructive criticism I am always happy. I will, if necessary, enter it accordingly, or if it is still available these shortcomings (if my time permits) resolve quickly.
Have fun with it,
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Modell: GeneralX©
Textur : GeneralX©
Script : leider Unbekannt (Fix by Jakob Tischler)

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