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Frontladerschaufel Mammut v1.2.0
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Frontladerschaufel Mammut v1.2.0

Hi, I've the orginal loader bucket fürn rebuilt front loader, adapted attacher and blade width, Logo of mammoth inserted around the blades easier to distinguish.
Be loaded with 5000l (so what's up, but do not overdo) wheat, barley, rape, maize, greenwheat, oat, rye, spelled, triticale, sunflower, soybean, hops, millet, hemp, poppy seeds, rice, potato, sugarBeet, onion, carrot, cucumber, tomato, redcabbage, whitecabbage, savoycabbage, grape, woodChips, energy willow, elephant grass (miscantus), pellets, grass, hay, clover, alfalfa, chaff, silage, fodder, compound feed, meal, manure, compost, seeds, seeds2 , fertilizer, lime, sand, gravel, grit, concrete and all kinds of the straw.
Displays the tarp from the wheat in some nachgetragenen fruits. (Awaiting publication of the scripts)
Actually, as the originals, with many fruits more.
Washable, see pictures
Shop: 4.200 €
€ / day: 0 €
Full blade is a little hard but go with rear weight! To have me hats always annoyed 2-3 scoops (forks) lying around and placeable ramps .... why did I built myself, and now I offer it for download.

wishes accident-free shovels, GülleMax

These mammoth Matching front loader V1.2: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/mammut-frontlader
PS: In the log harmless warnings of non-installed fruit flavors on the map, not a game influence appear!
Mod can without changes and with org. DL link available anywhere!


  • 72will
    2015-02-11 02:14
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    What map where you using to take these photos with?
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