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Fruit Package Designer v4.1
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Fruit Package Designer v4.1

Set the production of sugar, salt, liquors, wine products, 3 types egurta, 3 types of juice, canned vegetables, dairy production, milk, cream, butter, olive oil, olives, canned, brewery, bakery 3 kinds of bread. Melnitsa for the production of 3 types of flour.
5 types of greenhouses for vegetable production for enterprises.
fruit trees for fruit.
point of sale, shops.
trucks for transportation of all the products of vegetables and fruits.
archive all you need to work with the mod.
languages ENG DE RU


  • Erpilas
    2015-12-07 18:38
    not fine lad hang a video that has nothing to do with mods .....
  • Benny
    2016-01-22 01:51
    sorry but i placed this mod in 2 different maps and when i have placed them i can t save my game anymore and my data is al goneafter it howe come.Anyone this problem
  • Bob


    2016-01-28 00:17
    I agree with the comment above, Game locks up on the save operation. Hard boot required.
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