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FS15 Big Mods Pack V3 John Deere Pack V1
2 4 0 2016

FS15 Big Mods Pack V3 John Deere Pack V1

The Pack consist of 12 FS15 John Deere Mods:
* John Deere 6210R Tractor
* John Deere 864 Premium Baler
* John Deere 8530 Tractor
* John Deere 1300 Windrower
* John Deere 7810 FH Tractor
* John Deere DN 345 Fertilizer Sprayer
* John Deere 4755 Tractor
* John Deere 520 Flair Mower
* John Deere 7730 Tractor
* John Deere 2623 Plough
* John Deere 9620RX Tractor
* John Deere Stackmover Trailer

Authors: Rooster, BJR Modding, @lex, Julien86, Jérôme, Sotillo Modding Industries, a_lewici, Jukke, zVoxty, Sotillo, Commercial, MMI, TomasT150, JDFan, Burner, Sven777b, Lindbejb (LBJ Modding), Mafia FS Modding, Jukka, alexzander, R&k hearts jlb, Kraft Farms Modding, Blender, Photoshop
Pack created: vydka


  • Junk
    2016-06-05 17:29
    lol i see you have consolidated all the shitty deere mods
  • Pascal123
    2016-06-05 18:03
  • Pascal123
    2016-06-05 18:06
    He got no credit for the 520 I am the modeler of this mod and scripted by reaper9111 so please ask permition please
  • Name
    2016-06-11 23:19
    thats not a 2620RX. there is no such thing. the only 2620 there could possibly be is a utility tractor from the 1960's
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