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Dodge Chellanger 383 Magnum v1
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Dodge Chellanger 383 Magnum v1

Dodge Chellanger car mod updateed fer LS15. Car has functionel blenkers.
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Author: urban34


urban34, FS15 convert, fix, twek, peant job all Hanomag Deutsch Modding Team

Free to edit convert, paint as u cee fit

  • Stephen
    2015-11-02 18:39
    Talk about plain jane. This thing looks like a cartoon in game. Not realistic AT ALL. Glad I can quit game before saving and get my money back from the purchase and then delete from my mod file.
  • Jester14
    2015-12-18 18:54
    this mod has a glitch it only shows the inside on my game
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