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Kenworth Flatbed Bale Truck v1
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Kenworth Flatbed Bale Truck v1

Bale Kentworth Tieflader-LKW
Kentworth Flatbed Bale Truck
Hidden door in flatbed, NO Locking Scripts
Versteckte Tür in Flachbett , keine Verriegelung Scripts
Haters dont download, Everyone else love.

FS13 Original aus MOD von dem gro├čen Modding -Team , Prairie Hill Modding Mit BigCountry , Looseterror , ThompsonM06 , TwistedGA , Sven777b , Geri -G , PeterJ , um FS15 von Hanomag Deutsch Modding Team- Umbau

ORIGINAL MOD FROM FS13 From the Great Modding Team, Prairie Hill Modding with BigCountry, Looseterror, ThompsonM06, TwistedGA, Sven777b, Geri-G, PeterJ, Converted to FS15 by Hanomag Deutsch Modding Team

  • Punisher
    2015-08-31 22:13
    JUNK!!! Tried putting a bale on it, fell right through the platform.
  • Punisher
    2015-08-31 23:00
    Also, No locking script on a bale truck? SMH..... very very poor choice. Hopefully a GOOD / SMART modder will fix this
  • David
    2015-09-01 14:00
    there is a dually tire in the front right tire and in the midddle of the truck and like 1m ahead of the truck floating there
  • Winston958
    2015-09-01 20:28
    the tire that is floating is a tag axel u lower and raise it depending on the weight on the trailer.
  • Winston958
    2015-09-01 20:32
    forget my last comment i just seen what u mean but my copy i downloaded is fine. but maby someone will fix it
  • Chevy status
    2015-09-02 17:08
    I am getting this truck worked on right now, fixing all the mistakes
  • Sssss
    2015-10-19 23:41
    I tried this rig like 2 weeks ago to use in FS15 to haul all of my bales/wool/lumber with & with no lock script what's the point nothing stays on the bed, & chevy status I sure hope you get all the mistakes fixed & release this truck so its working properly, I've got a 2nd version of this truck in the works for FS13 with super single front tires.
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