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ORIGINAL Steiger Tiger 450 III v2
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ORIGINAL Steiger Tiger 450 III v2

The Original FS13 Steiger Tiger 450 III v2 converted to FS15. Have fun. Has one translation error for 3pt hitch but still works perfectly. Have had no issues with our Team on multiple versions of FS15. This is for anyone who wants to improve on this ORIGINAL Steiger, NOT A CASE KNOCK OFF. Have at it boys. See if you can clean er up. What it really needs, put back in blender and update the AO. The old Steigers were the ORIGINAL Giant tractor on the mega farm.

Original Credits go to FRED

Converted to FS15 and major fixes by Hannomag Deutsch Modding Team.

  • Allen55
    2016-08-31 04:21
    the tractor is backwards
  • @allen55
    2016-09-02 04:25
    Original mod from FS11 and or 13, not in 15, straight conversion and fix of as many errors as possible, complain to the original makers or fix it yourself
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