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Fs15 States Map v1.0
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Fs15 States Map v1.0

I created this one as a first, it has taken me so long because I get caught up playing it while testing. It is a 4x flat map, forestry is at north east corner with a planted forest. It has the pig mod, pallet mod and conveyors for your grass, windrow, and manure.
I did a 3minute preview of some farming on it if you would rather have a look before downloading. Here's the link.

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American Eagles Modding team
FS-UK modding team
Tiag Piloneto
and thank you to any modder out there getting frustrated with noobs like me, you guys do all the hard work, I just move stuff around.
My contact info is in the map, but for any reason if you have a problem with the map or questions regarding it please contact me, and thank you for downloading.
[email protected]

  • Szopen77
    2015-02-01 14:36
    Well at the end of a large map, thanks a lot buddy and keep it up !!!
  • Christopher
    2015-02-01 15:42
    I wish when everybody builds maps of The USA they would use storage bins like we use Sukup,GSI GRAIN PUMP with at least six big bins like we have on our farm and not the ones that come from the game.. Also build in a lot of free space on the farm for placeables. I would not mind paying someone to build a map for me.. I have a mac can not find out how to use Gaints editer with mac????
  • Guest
    2015-02-01 21:04
  • Guest
    2015-02-01 21:07
    I'm having problem with mod seeders. Most seeders only travel about 20m and stop.
  • Guest
    2015-02-02 00:06
    either the field hasn't been plowed and cultivated, or your using a bad seeder, I've had that problem,
  • Jeff
    2015-02-02 17:37
    Awesome map. Exactly what i was looking for. Just started playing it. Problem: field 8 about 3\4 of the way through it , it starts saying i dont own field and my combine goes crazy an just takes off till it hits something. Please if possible fix. So far awesome other than that. two thumbs up
  • Paul
    2015-02-02 21:30
    Hi This is a great map! Plenty of space and well thought out. I am having the same problem with field no 8. The area is approximately 25% in from the right side and about 70% towards the back of the map. Hope you can fix the problem... Looking forward to continuing. keep up the good work. By the way I think it's a hired help problem. I can manually harvest the area.
  • Rob


    2015-02-03 02:00
    Try to exit the game, reload and harvest field 8. I had no problems the second time for some reason. Tossed in a fermenting silo, Sukup bins, feed storage, and it's perfect now. Thanks for making this map!!
  • Name
    2015-02-06 16:48
    I would like to know why someone posted my map with out asking?
  • Gerrit
    2015-03-24 16:48
    Did you ever resolve the hired worker problem on your map. I'm building a 4x Africa map and have the same problem. suddenly it says you don';t own this field. I will greatly appreciate any help.
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