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John Deere DB120 Final
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John Deere DB120 Final

John Deere DB120 planter
Steenkamp Modding author
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Steenkamp Modding

  • Basic
    2016-09-04 19:52
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    I'll wait for joes
  • Jeff
    2016-09-04 19:53
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    LOL! I don't care who's getting screwed, I'm just glad there are some American planters available! Now if someone would make a JD 1790 with inter-plants, the world would be complete.
  • Video?
    2016-09-04 19:54
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    Well if the video is right, you have made a very nice CULTIVATOR. It's not planting but will download anyway
  • Victoria
    2016-09-04 20:09
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    Video? Hmmm confuised by your post as its clearly seeding to me from the bottom right hud showing seed being used think you need glasses
  • Thomas is on drugs
    2016-09-04 22:08
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    lay off the drugs man, you have lost ur mind
  • Blake
    2016-09-04 22:26
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    decent mod, has a few call stack errors and a warning about the picture. drops my frame rate from 144 to about 75 just looking at the thing, other mods dont do this. also it seeds only does not fertilize at the same time any case anyone is curious
  • Aaron
    2016-09-05 03:31
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    I say Nothong
  • Jeremy
    2016-09-05 05:41
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    A good planter, once I edited the xml file so it could plant something other than corn. Seems to function well with AI workers, at least on the core game maps.
  • Guest
    2016-09-05 18:21
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    ^^^^ you don't think most people know that? that's one reason among others why he's a piece of shit that no one likes him. we all know rafael and others actually build the parts for him. his butt buddies let him take all the credit for some reason. probably money involved. and why he has a huge fan base is ridiculous as well. i think they are just brown nosers trying to lick his ass so he will release stuff. hasn't worked yet.
  • Guest
    2016-09-05 21:23
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    have you seen the work by LBJ?? I'm guessing two of his biggest fans right here^^^^^^ I bet you two have dreams of using his mods lol, bunch of no talent losers who i know use his mods.
  • Guest
    2016-09-06 14:40
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    ^^^^ you tongue is so far up joe's dirty stinky shit filled ass it's not even funny. how would you know if he makes the best mods for this game? he releases hardly anything. just his sloppy seconds he doesn't care about anymore. not to mention he doesn't make anything himself. he's too busy playing dentist to make mods.
  • Tuff977 eats pork pistol
    2016-09-06 16:09
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    take what tuff977 says with a grain of salt, tuff977 can't mod worth shit anyways so his opinion on mods is pretty worthless.
  • Tuff977
    2016-09-06 20:06
    0 0
    @Guest https://www.modhoster.de/meine-mods you are on crack, dude has release the most quality scratch built mods of any modder in history of FS. You just mad you cant have more of his nice shit, get over it...
  • Bob


    2016-09-07 19:12
    0 0
    Same mod as in ASM nothing different
  • Aaron
    2016-09-07 21:31
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    Its not perfect and its not crap its just pointless
  • True fact
    2016-09-10 15:12
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    say it dont matter how many people rant and moan about copyright, stolen or leaked as in time it will always arrive here on this site and many others its not a crime its life , it happens, big deal, its a game to be enjoyed from young right through to old , so before you shout about it just think to whos watching the sites as everyday peoples racist to people on here
  • Andrew smith
    2016-09-13 17:56
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    Youd love to kiss his ass for his awsome mods!!!! Their the best!!!!!!
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