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ProStar Fertilizer v1
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ProStar Fertilizer v1

FS2k15 Pro Star Fertilizaer Truck
We be styling n profilling, Our mods rule u suck.
This is our mod to upload, we found free, we download free, we convert and fix, we upload free, Giants rules
FrediFlouder and boneyard

FrediFlouder and boneyard

We found, we convert, we fix, we use and upload.

  • Bob
    2015-09-12 23:53
    what a piece of junk
  • Bob2
    2015-09-13 00:48
    I would never even bother to download this crap just from reading the idiots description. What a tool.
  • Guest
    2015-09-13 02:57
    aww did u have your two year make a model for you
  • Name
    2015-09-13 03:55
    First off it's obvious you have no respect for the original creator and for your info Giants does not support the editing and sharing of mods without proper permission, so put this in your pipe and smoke it.
  • Joe dirt
    2015-09-13 12:14
    first off fs2k did not release this mod its some punk that does not like them they have not released the reel one. Someone took the good one did this to be a .... well you can fill in the Blanks
  • D-bomb
    2015-09-13 20:49
    What you mean FS2K didn't release this??? Seems to me to be right up to par with the best of their mods... I mean you can clearly see that it's all imported parts from other mods and they never took the time to clean up the textures. I think this is the clear winner for the FS15 Mod Contest.
  • Fs2k modding
    2015-09-13 21:37
    WELL GUESS WHAT this is not are mod and you can say what yall want, we dont post this, so dont be stupid
  • Fs2k modding
    2015-09-13 21:39
    We have are own website so why would i release something on a low tech website
  • Light in the dark
    2015-09-13 22:52
    More than likely uploaded by a butthurt person who has been banned from both FS2k and Farming Simulator Screenshots 2015, and even though both groups have a different perspective on the modding scene they still only upload quality mods, none of these groups would upload that truck.
  • Really?
    2015-09-14 00:23
    REALLY? FS-2K quality mods? Ask them why they posted this week they converted the gator? That was converted months and months ago and has been posted and reposted everywhere ? Sounds to me like we got a "new" group of the same ole copy cat modders, seen a FAMOUS mod stealer up there with these class acts Reaper9111, theres a fine individual if you ever saw one, how many mods has he stolen now? Yeah go put your crap on your own site, we know the real story now. BUSTED!
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