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FSM UBT Truck Trailer v1.0
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FSM UBT Truck Trailer v1.0

The FSM UBT Truck Trailer is perfect to move all sizes and types of bales / pallets
Model Specs:
UBT Auto Loading
New Lights ( including light shapes)
Full normal spec and diffuse maps
Dynamically loaded wheels with tire tracks.

New Straps
Massive Thanks to Ifko[Nator] the author of UBT script (not tested in MP or Dedi Servers )

Trailer Holds:
34 Round Bales
30 Square Bales
14 Wool pallets
14 Seedling/Tree Pallets
4 Wood Pallets From Marhu's Sawmill

j : Toggles auto / Manual Loading
b: Load trailer
o : Unload Trailer
m : Toggle Unloading Side
x : Toggle Products
5 : Toggle Help

FSModding modeltexture ingaming, Ifko[Nator] UBT Script.

  • Blg


    2015-11-30 12:55
    video rien a voir avec la presentation du mod
  • Tinyalloy
    2015-11-30 15:16
    i dont think the video matches the mod
  • Ur mod sucks
    2015-11-30 20:39
    Warning don't download
  • Mike
    2015-12-01 12:02
    i donĀ“t know
  • Varkoog
    2015-12-06 10:25
    Wow, awesome mod, works like a charm. Thank you!!
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