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Fuct'D Modding mods

since its not posted or in the help menu of the truck the winch DOES work.. controls are
b- winch out
h- winch in
j- is up
n-is down
k and m are left and right..
and Z attaches to many different attacher.. guranteed on trailerLow and trailer
Louis Couch and Mss Fishermanand mack harris

Louis Couch and Mss Fishermanand mack harris

  • Mack harris
    2015-12-30 14:43
  • Mack harris
    2015-12-30 16:40
    T800 HH Service https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AIGFAbPEc-qpsqo&cid=C34655176C83DF18&id=C34655176C83DF18!702&parId=C34655176C83DF18!707&action=defaultclick
  • Mack harris
    2015-12-30 16:41
    T800 Sleeper https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AGwQL_C6WOg6QJ4&cid=C34655176C83DF18&id=C34655176C83DF18!704&parId=C34655176C83DF18!707&action=defaultclick
  • Mack harris
    2015-12-30 16:43
    trailerhttps://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AKNjpdXgavqFbNI&cid=C34655176C83DF18&id=C34655176C83DF18!703&parId=C34655176C83DF18!707&action=defaultclickjust copy links and past them and download
  • Fuct'd modding
    2015-12-30 19:08
    aww your making me famous!!! if any of yall want the best trucks ingame find me on Facebook Fuct’D Modding!!
  • Brandon
    2015-12-30 20:25
    the links dont work to download these mods
  • Mack harris
    2015-12-30 20:31
    im uploading them right to modhub right now as i still have them on my computer
  • Lonestarcustoms
    2015-12-30 22:36
    The funny part of this all is, is theres no way I could of posted these comments or of been on my PC while running a gas torch 20 miles from home.But another part is, that I dont have a OneDrive account
  • Fabian
    2015-12-30 22:48
    please fix the link ..... link does not work seems to be down
  • Fabian
    2015-12-30 22:58
    found a link that works http://www.playls.com/farming-simulator-15/fuctd-mod
  • Rick
    2015-12-31 01:32
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ this is the original maker
  • Rattedout
    2015-12-31 17:51
  • Wayne sunmer
    2016-01-03 17:49
    Rattedout you just buthurt
  • Ash1223
    2016-01-17 20:07
    Fuc't Modding is fucked you fuckers are nothing but ass holes
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