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Fuel adjustment FuelAdjust v5.15.6
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Fuel adjustment FuelAdjust v5.15.6

The original fuelAdjustV2 (by TwistedGA for LS13) served as a kind of incentive and was initially processed (in LS13) by me only and expanded until I decided to make a completely separate scripts from it, so it works a little differently.
FuelAdjust assumes all scripts which affect fuel consumption from the work, and that without this must be changed!
It calculates the consumption also no longer (as the original fuelAdjustV2) on the basis of speed but exclusively according to the engine speed and on the basis of engine load.
FuelAdjust works next to and with drive control of uspideDown!

Use of the mods in the game
In the game, nothing needs to be adjusted, this mod works independently.

Fuel consumption is started at idle when the engine
AI driver (helper, Course Play) also consume fuel
Graphical Display of current consumption and average consumption (stored in savegame)

Now some will say, "That for LS15 has indeed less features than the LS13 for!"
However, this is only partially true. On the one hand there are some features not in LS15 so they can not be supported, on the other hand need many things no longer the LS15 Engine explicitly supported because now the engine load (engine load) knows.

Content and Creators
Scripts: Blacky_BPG

TwistedGA für die Ursprungsidee in LS13

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