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Fuhrmann FF 32.0000 v4.0
4 3 0 3863

Fuhrmann FF 32.0000 v4.0

FF 32,000
(V 2.0)

Version 4.0
Mod fällt nicht mehr durch Boden
Wechselbare Reifen hinzu gefügt
Plane korrigiert

This three-way tipper your following crops can carry!
Volume: 40000 liters
wheat barley rape maize silage chaff potato sugarbeet woodchips manure

This mod there are exclusive at
www.modhoster.de & www.kyoshos-modfactory.de

Kyosho's Modfactory

  • Las


    2016-07-17 21:23 Send message
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    Great mod but causes random freezes or frame rate droops. The game would freeze for a few seconds then continues. Anybody else experiencing this? I play on Sandy Bay.
  • Bump
    2016-07-18 06:34 Send message
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    Same happens to me LAS.. random freezes when using this trailer. Its a shame as well because it is a very nice trailer and fits the game well. Maybe it will be fixed eventually.
  • Las


    2016-07-18 18:39 Send message
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    Yeah I agree, its perfect...hopefully it gets fixed. I fixed the texture flicker seemed the planes were too close but I'm not sure how to fix the freezes.
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