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Functional forestry winch - krpan winch (beta)
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Functional forestry winch - krpan winch (beta)

Description and features
The first fully functional forestry winch for fs15. Since fs17 is only about month away there is no way this mod will be finished in that time. For that reason i decided to release this winch as fully functional beta as it is. The basic features are there, the missing parts are more the visual stuff/details. But obviously i can not guarantee that there aren't any bugs.
But the winch is fully multiplayer ready.

winching trees, any fs15 tree can be attached.

Be careful not to use the chainsaw on a attached tree, first detach the tree! Otherwise it will crash :)

How to use the winch:(German video, but english subtitles for the most important stuff)
Mod released by www.schwabenmodding.de

Facebook: Modelleicher on Facebook

Modell: CebuljCeck
Textur: CebuljCeck, Maxter
Script: Modelleicher
Idee / Konzept: Maxter, Modelleicher
Tester: Maxter, Modelleicher
Sonstige: Released by www.schwabenmodding.de

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