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GABR alpha v1
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GABR alpha v1

Speaks to and blz guys ?? So I announce my first map for you. (Map large Brazilian agriculture) (Gabr) who is gringo translate this stuff !!
DO NOT buy SHEEP THAT no badge THE GAME !!!
Well let's first to install the map:
1st you will download the map and draw it in the mod folder (Note: No organisei still the default folder of the objects, then you will find some things desoganisada.
2 open the game and select the map and play.
Well now I'll talk about it a little.
There are 1 series bugs on the map I'm trying to find patience to be able to solve them taking more they are playable.

2 has:
- Bga
- stores
- Silo (will update)
- Modern place to place or sell wheat straw, barley, etc.
- Plantations of places
- Place of animals, PIG, CHICKEN, COW, BOI and EWE (NOTE: I need a kind soul who can help me set up the following pig and beef items, and also the mod that adds fruit..
- Lugas sales, collection and warehouse mod fruit.
- Opening gates of CT (Some)
- Parking.
- Manure sale Shop.
- Manufactures of disiel and another n remember.
- Keeper of hay
- Manufactures to make food pros animals
- Manufactures to make seeds.
- Shop, etc.

You have no map
- The conteção wall map side.
- Lack put some land ..
- Improve and finish putting the clues (asphaltar).
- Improve the cattle and chickens
- Ewe Bug (NOT BUY IT IF YOU N GO CRACHAR The SET!! I will try to fix soon.
- Signage
- Guide Gps
- Beginning pictures
- Map Name
- Among other things

Status of the map:
Ct = 70%
Plantations = 40%
Roads = 10%
signals = 0%
Retaining wall: 14%
some constructions adjustment: 60%

Map in general = 45%
Well guys need someone to help to end some items if anyone wants to join the "creation" of the map just send me an email to [email protected] comseguinte topic:
"I want to help"
And please comment saying why and where help is... vlw even more ...

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