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Galucho CG6000 v1.0
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Galucho CG6000 v1.0

"What Galucho founded by José Francisco Justino, a skilled craftsman, ingenious and enterprising, did in his family workshop in St. John of Lampas early Specializes in the manufacture of plows and animal-drawn plows, carts and ox-carts
The new millennium is marked by strong investments in the company's infrastructure and the acquisition and installation of modern and sophisticated means of production.
To merit, year after year, the vast majority of preference or the national farmers Either of Increasing Percentages of users in about 70 countries to Which It exports, situated on all continents, has to offer them increasingly advanced solutions and efficient services and fast, Resulting in capacity and rationalization of production and commercial structures "
This mod is edited by Cistern Marshall comes in the game. Starting then edited the textures to get a mod of the best agricultural implements mark of Portugal.
Is a good brand, is worth is to have a few mods from the same brand

Model: Giants Software
New Textures: mrTICKO19
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model: Giants Software
New Textures: mrTICKO19

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