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Garant Field Container for Fertilizer
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Garant Field Container for Fertilizer

This is the default field slurry storage container converted to store fertilizer at field side. This model has a roof to keep rain out
of the fertilizer. You also have a sight tube on the front to keep track of how much fertilizer is in the container. It is made to work with the
Kotte garant multi found on FS-UK http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/36463/kotte-garant-multi. It may work with other fertilizer supply trailers that
have the overload function. The cost is $10000 with a daily upkeep of $5. This container enables you to refill and switch fertilizer types
when using the soil mod. If uploaded to other sites please keep the full description and credits.

Model Giants software
and Roof JohnDeere1952

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