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Garden house for self man v1.1 platzierbar
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Garden house for self man v1.1 platzierbar

This is the summer house of PowerPeter008 with extra features!

Many farmers build shelters, car cabins, garden huts, etc by them self... I haven´t found buildings that can be build by yourself and so the following project was born:

Required Mod:

How does the Mod work?
- Go to the store and buy it in: placeable objects
- Place the building on the map (such a small straight surface should be found)
- It's only the bottom plate to see, because you have to get the building material for it.

If you drive Paletts of woodboards from Marhu's sawmill to the trigger (this is visible when you come in the near of the building)  the summer house is built gradually:

Alternatively, farmers who have not installed the sawmill Marhu on the Map, can take the amount of woodChips in a tipper or shovel to the garden house (so it is also suitable for standard maps).
The amount of woodchips, is in parenthesis -> 4000 steps = the amount of a wooden pallet.

Expiration of building:
Palett (4000 woodchips) -> the wooden walls of the garden house arise
Palett (8000 woodchips) -> the roof and doors are installed
Palett (12000 woodchips) -> the device (shelves, tables, buffet etc ..) appears
Palett (16000 woodchips) (not necessary) -> 4 more beer tables are set up outside the garden house for larger parties.
!!! To visualize the beer tables, once save score and reload, then the beer tables (each terrain adjusted) for each subsequent loading on the Map !!! You can take them to a different place with the front loader. When re-loading the saved game, they are back at the point of origin.

After the 3rd wooden pallet there can be unloaded also beer at the trigger, which will appear in front of the garden shed.
Yu can store 100 liters of beer, which are then consumed by the hour. You get also money for it

This should serve as a basic idea for other modders. I would be happy if there would be in the future more such buildings, you must build first (one or the other farmer works also in construction, so it is not something that belongs only to the construction-simulator) After all, there is on many maps also sand and cement as fruits.

I would like to thank PowerPeter008 whose mods I appreciate very much, for the release. Look at his other mods. There you can still find lots of party utylies and great mods!
Thanks also to mor2000 for UniversalProcessKit, without this wouldn´t be possible!

Recommended Mods:
The sawmill of Marhu

In the pack there is a brewery and associated transportation:

Modell: PowerPeter008
Textur: PowerPeter008
Script: slowtide63
Idee / Konzept: slowtide63
Tester: slowtide63

  • Kevin (kdog)
    2018-12-26 22:06
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    Need something like this for FS 19 partner lol!
  • Kdog
    2018-12-26 22:08
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    Need something like this for FS 19 partner lol!!
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