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Gator V1
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Gator V1

This is a working gator from fs13 i converted to fs15
working and working trailer


  • Redneck farmer
    2015-10-18 22:03
    Neither the Gator or Trailer don't load fruits or haul anything after buying them.
  • Faming fan
    2015-10-19 02:34
    why would we want to use this gator when there are 3 others that actually load crops and were converted a year ago, what is the modded parts of this mod? for the record most mods posted lately are just the same ones posted last year. or some new website has started to repost mods and the admins here and on other mod sites are just not caring to bother to chk their own web sites for repeat mods, especially ones that DONT WORK RIGHT
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