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GAZ 35071 + Trailer SAZ-83173 v2.0
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GAZ 35071 + Trailer SAZ-83173 v2.0

- Panel IC
- Opens fast triangular
- Opuszczne windows
- Open the door
- Moving pointer counter
- Moving pointer tachometer
- control
- Animated mudflaps
- Dynamic exhaust
- Reversing lights, turn signals, stop
- Speed ​​up to 92 km / h
- Additional side
- Capacity 5000, with additional sides 10000
- Fruits: Standard and chopped straw, manure, silage, straw, grass
- Pull-out ashtray
- Open storage
- Tipper on three sides
- Translate the pins before kipowaniem
- Adjustable mirrors
- Animations deprotection sides

Author: Sergey54rus

  • Tony
    2014-11-28 01:09
    accélération marche avant / marche arrière trop rapide
  • Panda
    2014-11-28 01:22
    bad mod. it doesn't take wood ship, the acceleration is way too fast, when you pres the Z key when loeaded it will show a image the will not go away until you unload the truck or when you get out of the truck and when you let go the feeder it brake and slide so its hard to turn. still need some work to be done. it got alot of potential
  • Bradyn
    2014-11-29 13:12
    Mod wasn't good, whenever I drove it it ran out of gas in two to three feet and couldn't drive it anywhere, fix it up a little bit and it will be a great mod
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