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GAZ Titan Modpack v1.7
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GAZ Titan Modpack v1.7

Moinsen people
We ask you now the GAZ Titan Modpack available.
It consists of trucks and trailers.

For trucks:
LS installed 15 standards
Installed Liftachse
RULs installed
Has German registration (license plate)
Special Rear View Camera (Interior view simply to rear)
Additional clutch for Low Trailer and Trailer
Price 150.000 €
Daily cost: 250 €

For trailer:
RULs installed
Has German registration (license plate)
Can load: wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, potato, sugarbeet. silage, wood chips, sunflower and sand
Price: 75.000 €
Daily cost: 150 €
So now a lot of fun
Micha and the MTL Modding Team

Urmodder = Micha und das MTL Modding Team
Liftachse von TSL eingebaut
Bugfixes von Mannie313

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