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GAZ titanium with trailer v1.5
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GAZ titanium with trailer v1.5

Dear malingerers,
Today I imagine you from my little yellow friend.
It is a GAZ Titan trailer including mostly homegrown.
Yes, I would like to Zugfrahrzeug say it costs 175,000 credits at the store and is also very economical.
The trailer is a tridem of Kroger and holds 75,000 tons.
He also kostest just as much :)
Can Anstonsten the trailer every fruit of Standartmap record so from A to B transport.
Current problems which I will still work on are:
Blinker times very sensible gäng do (go not always)
The lift axle times for moving bring (help is gladly taken)
Yeah, well I remember my favorite yellow of nothing more except that you can send in a comment proposed times as you like it :)

Version 1.2
Login adjusted by wernie_de

Version 1.3
Lights or make fully functional (truck and trailer) of Mannie313

Version 1.4
Rotating beacon for trucks and trailers

Version 1.41 (1.4a)
Everything as in 1.4 have the same only the both the truck and the trailer now German mark and although my old number :)

Version 1.5 (last working on)
Make lifting axle functional
(Mod can not be changed without my permission let alone be re-uploaded !!!!)

Mod Insgesamt = Micha04668
Logfehler bereinigt = wernie_de
Birnenwechsel vorgenommen = Mannie313
Rundumleuchten montiert = Mannie313
Kennzeichen und Shop = Micha04668
Liftachse funktionsfähig gemacht =

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    it does not work!
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