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GDR service v1.0
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GDR service v1.0

Workshop to install the GE, triangles 5122, AO texture and log are clean. The workshop consists of a repair area with adjoining warehouse, a lounge, a garage with opposite boiler room, as well as office and a balance in forderen gable area. Several decorative objects was used, all objects are floating. Have fun with it.
mfg would like bauer

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  • Moechtegernbauer
    2015-03-15 09:48
    this is horribly ugly ...................
  • Faeton-zeta
    2015-06-15 15:20
    fs15 Не появился в игре.Пробовал,распаковать и "закинуть" папку в data/ placeables... - нету ! Что делать,что бы появился ?
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