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Geotrupidae v2.0
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Geotrupidae v2.0

The other day the Ponsee croaks and I tried to do what no nonsense from the remnants.

Version 2.0
Trochilidae hinzugefügt

It is possible to build cars 200km / h with a reasonable driving behavior. Now I've even made the 400 km / h mark.
This is a Mod-bust. Should be a really SKIDSTEER times, the part has however not suitable. I tried him then to give a different meaning.
There are two versions:
Geotrupidae = 550hp - 200 Km / h
Geatrupidae6000 = 6000PS - 400 Km / h
Well, there are clutches on it, but for the reason that are more likely to be tuned precisely in LS. Work can be with the devices rather less.

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants/Eisbearg
Script: Eisbearg
Idee / Konzept: Eisbearg
Tester: Eisbearg
Sonstige: Eisbearg

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