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Geringhoff HS660 TL folding cutterbar v2.0
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Geringhoff HS660 TL folding cutterbar v2.0

Folding cutterbar with Telelader coupling without an adapter,
-Arbeitsbreite 6,60m,
-Transportbreite 3,50m.
- Operating speed: 15 km / h
Purchased in the store € 39,000
see: Category mods- reapers
This grain header offers the sophisticated and proven folding technology from Geringhoff.
Harvesting without long set-up times - This increases the clout of the combine enormous.
A time-consuming coupling and uncoupling the cutting unit eliminates as well as the investment in a cutting unit carriage.
Model: usxi7sd Revision: Tackleberry permission from "usxi7sd" exists

Model: usxi7sd √úberarbeitet: Tackleberry Erlaubnis von "usxi7sd" liegt vor

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