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Gifts of the Caucasus German Version v1.1
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Gifts of the Caucasus German Version v1.1

Greetings Today I can offer you gifts of the Caucasus to download the first German version of the map.
The authors of the map are SWIK modding team: stasenko100, Neither, Igor29381 and Kovsh and I as a supporter and translator.
We are pleased to present a card similar to the territory of Russia the Kaukasus.Ein Picturesque terrain, varied terrain, land and sea, mountain and plain, shapes complex and simple field. Unique scripts: dirt, fuel hose, trains and ships with features, animated animals, bucket wheel.
located on the map, many factories, three types of flour, bread, crackers, beer, canned, condensed milk, sugar, etc. When the real estate agent, it is possible to buy more fields and to acquire real estate and / or to improve. It's your choice, you can your products directly or sell it processes them in order to achieve better prices.
A new economic system that offers many possibilities. A ranking - System
shows you when each property is cheaper. It allows you to develop your business in many ways.
Before I write too much I give you the possibility yourselves from the card to convince.
Important !!! All logos and brand names on the map are not advertising or propaganda, and used only for the interest and the realism of the game. Enjoy the game.
The support takes place here: http://www.ds-agrarservice.de/t658f66-Gaben-des-Kaukasus-Support.html#msg3241
for the start vehicles and the function of the Map Mod needed package: http: //uploaded.net/file/pnycconx
Check out the video on it will be followed by this answer ever ask few.
It is not gestatet the Map to unauthorized modification of and or share darauß. Also re-upload the map is not allowed.

Modell: S.W.I.K. modding team
Textur: S.W.I.K. modding team
Script: S.W.I.K. modding team
Idee / Konzept: S.W.I.K. modding team
Tester:S.W.I.K. modding team
Sonstige: S.W.I.K. modding team

  • Miguel
    2016-04-01 00:49
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    the best map ever done...
  • Blacky
    2016-04-01 03:32
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    stoled from zach1 who made the map mod
  • Blacky
    2016-04-01 04:03
    0 0
    the map doesn't work for me at all
  • Ksss
    2016-04-01 10:10
    0 0
    where i can buy fields ????????????????
  • Putininko
    2016-04-01 16:53
    0 0
    -- full russian shit -- -- full russian shit -- -- full russian shit -- -- full russian shit -- -- full russian shit -- -- full russian shit -- -- full russian shit -- -- full russian shit -- -- full russian shit -- -- full russian shit -- -- full russian shit --
  • Василий
    2016-04-01 20:30
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    Оригинальная страница авторов карты:https://vk.com/stasenko100 - есть ссылки для покупки этой картыДля тех, кто официально купил эту карту:https://vk.com/stasenko100_pay - на странице осуществляется техническая поддержка. Там же регулярно выкладываются самые свежие версии карты и техники к ней.
  • Василий
    2016-04-01 20:36
    0 0
    В группе для купивших карту можно скачать последнюю версию Описания (Manual v3), а так же карту, с указанием объектов, для печати на принтере.
  • Василий
    2016-04-01 20:37
    0 0
    for Ksss : в агентстве недвижимости недалеко от железнодорожного вокзала.
  • Василий
    2016-04-01 20:39
    0 0
    for Blacky: карта работает. Но она очень требовательна к сторонним модам. Попробуйте удалить чужие моды из папки Mods, и запустите карту с модами, что идут в комплекте с картой.
  • Василий
    2016-04-01 20:41
    0 0
    for Blacky: чтобы в карте не было вирусов, качайте ее ТОЛЬКО у авторов карты
  • Blacky
    2016-04-02 01:36
    0 0
    map don't even work either say's invalid waste of time
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