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Gleaner Super 7
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Gleaner Super 7

Gleaner Super 7
Enjoy and feel free to share all you want :)


  • Mod critic (lol)
    2015-08-20 17:07
    1. Gleaners ARE NOT Black.2. They are GREY.3. I like listing things like this..
  • Guess
    2015-08-20 20:15
    GLEANER SUPER 7 is black u noob
  • Bt


    2015-08-21 00:34
    Gleaners are Black And Gray but they look !!NOTHING!! like this.
  • Punisher
    2015-08-21 08:55
    Hey, Mod Critic, try getting a clue before making a fool of yourself. Super 7's are black. http://farmprogress.com/cdfm/Faress1/author/2/SuperSevenField.jpg
  • Jeremyj621
    2015-12-19 07:03
    On the mods list and store menu, this appears as a Massey Ferguson brand combine. Although Massey Ferguson and Gleaner are both part of AGCO, they are separate brands. Also, the specs for this combine are wrong. It should have 370 horsepower and a 13,743 liter grain tank (according to Gleaner S77 specs, which should be the same as the Super 7).
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