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GLENVAR MAP 2015 v0.9
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GLENVAR MAP 2015 v0.9

Description: Glenvar fs 15 new objects and textures hope you like it
Credits: julianofs
and creator of the map FS11, 13.

Descrição: glenvar fs15 novos objetos e texturas espero que gostem
Créditos: julianofs
e criador do mapa no fs11, 13.


  • Marc
    2016-01-19 23:07
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    Liked your Central Valley Map. Just have some issues with it not working. Any chance we could talk.. maybe i'm doing something wrong.. It's a GREAT map.. Thanks and please keep working on it.
  • Joe


    2016-01-20 06:07
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    hwy can u make a mod that can make all cars/trucks have a locking mod wear if u put a four wheeler or a bike on the back of any truck it will not fall off. thanks
  • Name
    2016-01-20 07:31
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    none of doors appear in the map and the lifts do not work. Any way of fixing this?
  • Bob


    2016-01-20 18:22
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    This map lists in I3D file as having extra fruits, Oat, Soybean, Blackbean, Maize2, and Sorghum. Grow information is there. Mod Dec file does not list any extra fruit entries. Fruits do not show as plantable in a Seeder. Also not Registered as a fruit. Bob.
  • Tac


    2016-01-27 09:26
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    how do you empty the mix feeder ? cannot empty it tryed every trailer i have all feeder trailers and tippers ??? please help ;) lovethe map though love the extras, love it in 2013 too , keep up the good work
  • Bill
    2016-02-02 04:45
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