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GMC Flatbed v1
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GMC Flatbed v1

GMC Flatbed truck for hauling gooseneck trailers.


  • Zzzzz
    2016-05-14 21:55
    so besides the paint job what's different with this one compared to the red GMC like this one.
  • Jim


    2016-05-15 00:50
    Added light bar....454 engine with super charger. 4:10 gear ratios. Love handles in bed so your girl has a place to put her hands on when bent over in doggy style. Lots more added to it. Just try her out and you will never find another like this!!!
  • Zzzzz
    2016-05-15 04:34
    ha JIM that's funny but true, anyways I tested this one in my game compared to the red one & they both performed about the same, I gave them a top speed test, a tow test etc. but I like the black paint job on this one a lot better so im keeping this one im my mods folder, im thinking about editing this into a spray truck someday.
  • Truefarmer2112
    2016-05-19 04:03
    With this one and the red one I cannot get either to attach to a gooseneck. The bumper pull works just fine but it doesn't hook up to any of my goosenecks.
  • Car


    2016-05-22 15:20
    where are the gooseneck trailers
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