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GMC slammed tow rig v1.1
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GMC slammed tow rig v1.1

sencond mod i did i would like to get my name out there so will some one do a review on this truck plz

jeff 22 unknown modding

  • Guest
    2016-07-23 01:14
    looks like complete shit. Why did you even upload this garbage?
  • Trash
    2016-07-23 01:22
    Trashy piece of garbage you don't deserve farm sim kys.
  • Um


    2016-07-23 02:18
    I can give you a review without even downloading this crap.. it has white tires.. headlights.. ect.. no textures on the basic of stuff = junk. thats all I need to know.
  • Gord
    2016-07-23 04:00
    Boy you wanted reviews and you got them. I wouldn't upload w.i.p's on here.
  • Yo mama
    2016-07-23 07:15
    Looks Like A 5 Year Old Put This Together, Get This Stupid shit Off Of Here
  • Boys'n
    2016-07-23 17:29
    Plus moche, je crois ca serais difficile à faire.
  • Uploader
    2016-07-23 21:29
    sorry when i uploaded it not all of it uploaded so version 2 will be out soon
  • Piece of shit
    2016-07-23 23:43
    here's you review tony g. it's a piece of shit. quit modding while your ahead. my 2 year old could make a better mod than that.
  • Anonymous
    2016-07-24 21:53
    wow. Just wow. You wanted reviews dude.. you're getting them. Like another stated, I wouldn't be posting wip shit here.. if I were you, I wouldn't share ANYTHING here by the looks of this mod's picture. i'm surprised it's had 173 downloads so far. wow.
  • Cory135 (mod reviewer)
    2016-09-05 05:52
    why exactly did you post a unfinished mod on here if it wasn't finished why did you post it finish it first
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