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GMC Top Kick Pack
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GMC Top Kick Pack

GMC Top Kick single axle, dual axle, sprayer
Enjoy and feel free to share all you want :)


  • Name
    2015-08-20 18:58
    Love these mods! Thank you!Any chance at adding trailer high, and trailer low attachments? If the 2 semi trucks had that they would be near perfect:)
  • Kingjawz
    2015-08-20 23:11
    Thomas can i re upload this with the hitches on them. Thanks
  • Farmerman32
    2015-08-21 00:46
    These don't belong here They got uploaded from another group. A guy put time and effort into it and u do this
  • Ricky weaver
    2015-08-21 04:58
    these mods are from rhrs modpage and whoever uploaded these is a modthife and shuldnt take peoples hard work and post it as there own this page shuld be shut down
  • La15returns
    2015-08-21 05:46
    Don't worry it happens all the time, just face the fact of who they belong to and how they stole them, I never share my mods, its the modders fault not others.
  • Punisher
    2015-08-21 07:06
    Maybe a good modder out there could actually finish these. I dont understand how something can be "stolen" if its on a page for free download. If they where made avail somewhere that anyone could get by joining a page / forum / group / whatever then its technically not stealing. I dont this this uploader claiming them as his. Try getting a dictionary.
  • Hello
    2016-01-01 23:08
    coming soon a new style to enjoy. same truck but different set up to where u can add skins etc
  • Blackwidow
    2016-01-04 05:46
  • Bvd15
    2017-03-26 22:16
    Just making sure, these are for FS17? the shop looks like it is at FS15, just making sure!
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