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Gmcdump v0.1
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Gmcdump v0.1

it a good truck

ben smith

  • Jared
    2016-08-10 00:59
    can you pl make a ford super duty and on the back window put selzler and sons
  • Smithboys
    2016-08-10 01:39
    i will thick about
  • Lc gaming
    2016-08-11 01:32
    why would you put a 5th wheel in the mason dump and make it so you cant use it for what its meant for? And the plat bed look like on i have mad for a group of people that's not public.
  • Jared
    2016-08-11 08:05
    smithboys you can just email it to me as like a personal mod
  • Anonymous
    2016-08-11 16:49
    Smithboys didn't make this model. Just sayin'.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-08-11 23:29
    sweet looking GMC dump truck, looks a lot like the ones the city dept. uses here in my home town for light duty construction/asphalt work, any pans on releasing the flatbed GMC on the left.
  • Bensmith
    2016-08-16 02:38
    I will thik about it
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